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The Pukka Philosophy Video

A Reason To Visit Tromsø, Norway & Beyond With Us

Let us introduce The Pukka Philosophy, a way of living that makes one want to explore the world (the right way), with a tour operator that cares for you, our city and the environment in which we live. We created this video with the help of Max Lander​ and Red Rainey​, two creatives who find solitude in the far North.

We wanted to showcase the beauty of Northern Norway, along with all of the special activities and adventures one can experience while up in Tromsø. No matter what the season is, Pukka Travels is striving to foster an environment that one can remember forever, along with preserving it for generations to come.

Watch the video below:
By: Max Lander Productions

Gateway To The Arctic
By: Red Rainey for Pukka Travels

Let me share with you a secret
What if I told you there was a place in the wild
Somewhere on the map where you never thought to look
Somewhere hidden from the world
Unspoiled by the hand of industry
Unreachable by any reasonable standard
A gateway to the arctic
Far from home
Right where you belong

Longitude 69 Latitude 18
350 Kilometres into the arctic circle
Where the sun doesn’t set in the summer
And doesn’t rise in the winter
The kind of place where imaginations go to wander
And deadlines go to die
A delicate playground, home to the harmony of nature
And free from the pressures of civilian routine

Here you will find carefully plotted maps and charts, detailing infrastructure and anchor points
Each placed with care and consideration, to unlock the environment with minimum impact
Here you can practice the act of breaking bread with travelers from all over the world
Learn folk tales of arctic exploration, and geographical conquest
There is no wifi of course, but we promise you a better connection
The kind where the cold is your friend, and the warmth comes from within
Where the snow crunches softly under foot
Where the wind fills your sales and spurs onward your adventure
And even as you sleep, the ocean breaks gently in the background
Where the stars above our heads wink in silence atop the midnight forest
And sometimes, just sometimes, the sky shows it’s true colors
And dances like nobody’s watching

It is not often that one comes upon a good opportunity to explore the arctic
Much less in the hardy company of warm hearted expedition
A merry band of gentleman and lady explorers
Kissed by the wind and blessed by the rain
Each more vibrant than the last
The kind who know which side of a blade is used to fillet a fish
Or how many switch-backs it takes to hitch a Nordic Butterfly knot
The kind who’s love for the environment is in their blood
And whose stories will be told for generations to come
Gathered around the gaslight of adventure, and driven by the prospect of change.

Where others falter, we forge
Where others wane, we persevere
Our vision paints a world of eco-friendly, forward thinking exploration
The kind which gives back to the land,
Pays forward to the people,
And upcycles for the generations to come
It’s written in their manifesto to learn, educate and demonstrate
Responsible stewardship to preserve and cherish our precious world
So that the tiny masters of tomorrow, may take up this mantle magnificent, once our watch is over
It’s true what they say, you know
Children of the winter are the warmest on the inside

What if I told you there was a place in the wild
Where the true romance of travel was alive and well
Where rustic comfort thrives among baron wilderness
And legacy is as important as approach
What if I told you, we can take you there?

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