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Top 5 Lofoten Sightseeing and Photography Tour

Join us to explore our top 5 locations for photography and exploring in Lofoten Check Availability

LOFOTEN TOP 5 PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR  | During this Sightseeing and Photography Tour in Lofoten, we picked our top 5 locations for photography and exploring. An amazing day seeing the best of Lofoten with our experienced guides.

What’s included

Snacks & Light picnic, warm drinks & chocolate

Comfortable bus with large windows

Possibility to rent tri-pod

A certified driver/guide

Photo bundle to be delivered within 72 hours of tour

What’s Not Included


Airfare to Lofoten


Airport Transfer

Check availability

More About This Tour
Lofoten is one of Norway’s most famous summer destinations, and it lives up to its reputation with it’s stunning fjords, epic mountains and picturesque fishing villages. Photographers and explorers from all over the world comes to Lofoten in search of the perfect locations for arctic photography, and Lofoten has a lot of it! During this tour through the Lofoten Islands, we picked our top 5 locations for photography and exploring. An amazing day seeing the best of Lofoten with our experienced guides.

The guided photo tour around the Lofoten Islands starts in the fishing village and municipality “Svolvær” where we our crew meets you in the morning. Our professional drivers & experienced guides make this scenic journey a fun and educational drive where you get to see plenty of the beauty Lofoten is so famous for. 

As we head out on the narrow curvy roads of Lofoten, there is so much so see and it’s easy to get carried away by stopping around each corner to take pictures. Our guides are knowledgeable in the area, and we have chosen a preferred route with 5 stops to give you the best of Lofoten within one full day of exploring. We provide a safe and comfortable transfer around the islands with guiding about the locations that we visit alongside time for photos and questions throughout the day. 

Traditional fishing villages, steep mountains, white sand beaches, dried fish, stunning roads and bridges, this tour really provides everything in one amazing day.

Due to busy roads and rapidly changing weather conditions, we want to acknowledge that the route may change on the day, regardless below you can find a list of our 5 favourite locations that we want to explore with you!

Our top 5 locations for photography and exploring


Kabelvåg is an important historical fishing village located just 5 Kilometers (3.1 Miles) and about a 10 minute drive from Svolvær. This village is a popular day visit and offers a picturesque atmosphere with its blend of historic importance and modern updates of a typical Norwegian coastal town, known for its cod fishing. In the middle ages Kabelvåg became the most important cod fishing harbours on the Norwegian coast, and contributed to the dry cod from “Nordland” accounting for almost 80% of Norway’s export in the 13th century.

Kabelvåg has traces of settlements from the late stone age, and now offers attractions such as the Lofoten Museum, Lofoten Aquarium and Vågan Church (known as the Lofoten Cathedral).

Haukland Beach

Haukland Beach is one of Lofoten’s most famous beach and hike, located on the westside on Lofoten. The caribbean like-waters, mountain landscape in the background, and white sand beach make Haukland Beach, a popular destination for travelers and photo-seekers year round.

Haukland beach is Lofoten’s “swimming beach”, although the water temperatures don’t reach above 15 degrees, you’ll see locals and tourists enjoying the water in the summer sun (water temperatures range from 3-15 degrees). Haukland beach is a unique destination in Lofoten as it offers the possibility to easy access from the road that takes you all the way to the beach.

Hamnøy Bridge

Hamnøy Bridge is yet another very photogenic location in the outer parts of Lofoten. The bridge connects the island Hamnøya with the island of Toppøya, and is one of the most popular viewpoints for photography in all of Lofoten.

Logistics on the small island can be challenging, due to the volume of visitors passing by, but the rewarding views are worth the effort of a short leg stretcher around the island, the view’s won’t disappoint you! Traditionally Hamnøy was connected to Reine by ferry, but replaced by this beautiful bridge as part of European route E10.


Sakrisøya is a very small island just North of Reine and West of Hamnøy bridge. It’s probably one of the most photogenic islands in scandinavia, and every day a large amount of visitors drive through the small village.

A unique blend between a traditional fishing village, with the sound and smell of the ocean with stunning views of the dramatic mountain landscape in the background is a dream for every photographer and explorer. On the island we’ll find a fishing industry, small cabins for rent and a dolls & toy museum.


This small fishing village on the outer part of Lofoten offers an absolutely stunning view and attracts thousands of visitors each year. With a permanent population of only just above 300 people, the picturesque feeling of a small town vibe shaped by the Atlantic waves is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Reine is located just southwest of Sakrisøya, and as we drive through the landscape the narrow roads and bridges between the villages is breathtaking to say the least.

Important Tour Information

Important information about this tour: Due to the heavy traffic and rapidly changing weather around the Lofoten islands, some timings for stops may be altered during the tour, and ultimately some destinations in the suggested itinerary may have to be replaced with alternatives due to factors out of our control. We do guarantee a breathtaking sightseeing around some of the most epic locations of the Lofoten islands.

Photographers and explorers from all over the world comes to Lofoten in search of the perfect locations for Arctic photography, and Lofoten has it all!

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