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5 Reasons To Visit Tromsø, Norway This Summer

Who knew an island in the Arctic would be the summer destination you have been looking for, but did not know existed until now

Summer is coming, and with the world becoming more connected, there are more destinations than ever before to choose from. While the obvious summer destinations include sunshine, white sand beaches, culture, sailing and sightseeing, they often come with the crowds. What if we told you there is a quaint town nestled in the Arctic also known as the “Paris of the North” that can tick all of the obvious summer “needs” off of your list, without the crowds? The place you may be looking for but did not know existed is, Tromsø, Norway.

Located at 69 degrees North, 250km above the Arctic circle this destination is one of a kind. During the summer, the sun does not set for nearly 3 months. That means there are 24 hours of sunlight in the day to explore, sail, hike, climb, sightsee and hang out on white sand beaches (without the crowds).

Below we have come up with 5 reasons to visit Tromsø, Norway this  this summer, and while the temperatures may be a bit cooler, this destination is hotter than ever.

5 Reasons To Visit Tromsø, Norway This Summer

Soak In The Magic Of The Midnight Sun

As we mentioned above, Tromsø is in the land of the midnight sun. Starting at the end of May, and going all the way until July the sun does not go below the horizon. This spectacle is truly something to witness, especially while sailing through the fjords on a catamaran, or running the “midnight sun marathon” for those looking for a “fitness reason” to venture to Tromsø.

One of our favorite activities to do during the midnight sun season to go out on a  Midnight Sun Fjord Sailing experience. Laying on the nets of the catamaran at midnight with the sun shining on your face, and the cool arctic breeze on your cheeks is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Fjord Sailing & Fishing

Tromsø is an island nestled in the fjords, which makes it a great place to go fishing and sailing. Tromsø is actually known as one of the world’s best sailing destinations though many people seem to choose more crowded places like the Mediterranean. Our favorite thing about sailing in Tromsø is its epic beauty, wildlife and the lack of crowds while out on the water. It makes for a truly authentic Norwegian experience.

Choose to go Arctic Fjord Sailing where you will spend the day sailing through the fjords on a comfortable catamaran, or spend the afternoon fishing where your skipper will prepare your catch for lunch. It does not get fresher than this.

From Sea To Summit

Something special that Tromsø has are both the mountains, and the sea. This guarantees for one heck of a view when going out for a hike in the Arctic nature. Tromsø has many hiking routes for all fitness levels. Hiking in the summer one of Tromsø’s most popular activities – and what better way to get there than in a Tesla Model X for carbon-neutral day out in the mountains. After all, it is best to only leave real footprints behind.

Meet The Locals

Norwegians have been noted as some of the happiest people in the world, and after venturing to their home it is easy to see why. Wide open spaces, beautiful nature, and great places to enjoy each other’s company. Whether it is crossing paths while hiking or enjoying an afternoon waffle at a local coffee shop, Tromsø is home to so many great places to enjoy the sweeter things in life.

Take a look at our Summer Guide to Tromsø to see some of our favorite local hangouts.

Travel Along The Scenic Route

The breathtaking scenery that surrounds Tromsø in Kvaløya (the whale island) is made up of stunning fjords, epic mountain landscapes and picturesque fishing villages. This area is best to explore on a scenic drive along its curvy roads and stunning bridges. Our suggestion is to take a sightseeing trip out to Sommarøy (the summer island) which has white sand beaches, Caribbean like water and wildlife to spot along the way.

There are so many other amazing reasons to visit Tromsø this summer, if you want to know more message our team and we can help plan your trip to the Paris of the North. If you have also been looking at Lofoten, check out our guide to Lofoten which will leave you wanting to connect both destinations in one trip. After all, it Is only a few hours drive away!

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