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Everything You Need to Know About Sail To Ski In The Lyngen Alps, Norway

Thinking about joining the ultimate sailing and skiing adventure? This guide has all of your questions, answered.

Imagine a place where you can sail through the fjords of the Arctic on a comfortable catamaran, roll out a map, choose one of hundreds of mountain peaks, drop anchor, ride to shore, tour up and ski down all with an amazing group of friends. It really is the dream trip for skiers and snowboarders alike. This post is to give you a bit more information about our 5 day Sail to Ski in the Lyngen Alps, Norway.

Let’s Begin: What is Sail To Ski In The Lyngen Alps, Norway?

Sail to Ski is a concept leaving from Tromsø, Norway on a Saturday, arriving back to Tromsø on Thursday. A skipper, ski guide and 6 guests will sail out to the Lyngen Alps and ski tour for 5 days up a variety of mountain peaks, fish for protein, sail through the fjords and if you dare, take a plunge into the Arctic waters after a long day on the mountain. The boats sleep 6 guests (2 people per cabin) each with an on-suite bathroom. Breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner are included. Watch the video below to catch the feeling.

When is Sail To Ski Season?

Sail to ski season starts when all of the other resorts start closing down! We start running sail to ski trips in mid-March through early May.

I have never ski toured before, is this trip for me?

While many of our guests have never been touring before, we recommend that you are an expert skier in a physical condition to hike up to 1500 vertical meters daily. Every mountain is only off-piste terrain where the weather conditions can change quite fast. If you have never been ski touring before, you will only be able to book a private boat.

How many days of skiing will we get?

This trip includes 5 full ski days with a certified ski guide (Ski days: Sunday-Thursday)

So you are interested, here is a bit more information. 

Can Snowboarders Join?

Of course, we do not discriminate! Snowboarders can split board or snow shoe up the mountain.

Is food included?

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee/tea & dinner is included each and every day! We cater to all dietary requests, and enjoy fresh, healthy food while sailing and will often stop to catch a few fish for dinner! We have a “shared food” policy where we ask guests to help us prepare meals, along with cleaning up. It helps out our skipper and creates a family feeling!

Can I Travel Solo?

Yes, we have opened up cabin bookings that sleep 1-2 people. The price for the cabin is the same whether there is one person or two. The boat has a shared common space, and you will expect a private cabin with a private on-suite bathroom.

Are flights included?

Flights are not included, though you will book a flight to Tromsø, Norway (TOS). Most connections are through Oslo. We recommend SAS or Norwegian Airlines.

What is the level of skiing?

Though the difficulty of each mountain is different, we recommend guests joining have an advanced ski level as everything is in the backcountry. Each skier must have avalanche safety equipment in case of an avalanche on the mountain. We tailor the itinerary based on the level of the group.

What are the snow conditions like?

In the beginning of the season, we often get fresh powder! As the season progresses, the snow becomes more spring-like from the sun.

When is the best time to go? What types of options do I have? 

When is the best week to go?

We think each and every week is unique, especially since we can not predict the weather but when booking we like to tell guests the following:

End of March/Early April: Conditions are still cold, snow is fresh, there is still a chance to see the Northern Lights (we saw them on April 8th this year), and the days are typically getting longer and longer (sunset 19:00, sunrise 05:00).

End of April/May:  Conditions are spring like. The days are longer as the midnight sun season approaches, this makes for very nice, long days with a lot of skiing, sailing, fishing & exploring. The weather is typically warmer and more enjoyable to stay on the mountain for longer periods at a time.

What does the itinerary look like?

This sail to ski trip is from Saturday to Friday, with guide & gear check at  15:00 on Saturday (day of arrival), the group will is more than welcome to sleep on-board Saturday, where we will set sail early Sunday morning for our first ski day.  We will arrive back to Tromsø late Thursday evening where we will sleep on-board in the Tromsø harbor. We kindly ask that you disembark at 09:00 the following Friday.  The first day of skiing is Sunday as we sail out on Sunday morning.

Each day we will eat breakfast, pack lunch, gather our gear, ski tour from 3-5 hours, ski back to the boat, go for an arctic plunge, go fishing if needed, sail to the next anchorage.

Check out for the details!

What is the difference between private and cabin bookings?

If you have a group of 6 friends or family members who want to go on a ski touring / sailing adventure in the arctic, we would recommend the private booking as you will have the boat to yourself (plus the certified skipper & guide, of course)

Cabin bookings are for those looking for an adventure but would rather meet new people along the way. Cabins are for 1-2 people!

What is it like to live on a sail boat for a week?

Living on a sail boat is one of our favorite ways to live! Life is simple, the views are incredible and we are mobile to go where we want (on water of course). With that, living on a sail boat is tight, especially with ski gear. Though our rooms are bigger than most sailing boats, there is limited space which is why we recommend to only pack the basics (in a soft duffel if possible). While you will have an on-suite bathroom, we have a limited water supply which means showers will be very short, but there is unlimited water in the sea!

The saloon (the common space) is where we gather for meals, conversations & simply to hang. This space is for everyone, so if you do not have a private boat you will share this space with your new friends.


If I book a cabin, who will we share the boat with

You will make new friends from all over the world. We will do our best to match people with similar skiing abilities together to ensure a great experience for all. You must have ski touring or back country experience and are physically fit to ski tour 1500 vertical meters per day with avalanche gear.

What is there to do besides skiing?

Other than skiing we offer sailing, fishing, relaxing on the boat (we recommend bringing a book or two), sauna/hot tub on one of our stops.


A few more questions, answered.

Will you provide ski gear?

We do not provide ski gear, though we will provide a tentative packing list with recommendations for where to rent gear. You are able to rent locally, or in the city that you come from. We suggest bringing skis with touring bindings, technical boots, skins, poles, avalanche gear (shovel, probe, transceiver), dress in layers as the temperatures change. After booking the trip, we will send the full packing guide! We have a packing list we can send you, please email to get it!

What nationalities join this trip?

We have had guests from all over the world, though our sail to ski guests mostly come from Sweden, UK, US, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Canada. Hoping to have more nationalities joining this trip!

Will we see Northern Lights?

If you book earlier in the season, and the sky is clear there is a chance to see the Northern Lights until April 10th.

What do I have to bring?

Our team has created a packing list that we can send to you. Email to get it!

What is the average age of people joining Sail to Ski?

We have had guests from all ages from 23-65! With that, our average age is between 30-35.

What do the boats look like?

We use catamarans for our Sail to Ski in the Lyngen Alps. Ranging from 44-48 feet. Each cabin sleeps 6 guests (2 people per cabin), a skipper and a guide. Each cabin has a private on-suite bathroom, and a shared common space with an open deck to relax on. 

You can take a look at one of our boats, The Golden Eagle here.


Check out some of our photos from our Sail to Ski in the Lyngen Alps! 

Interested in learning more or reserving your spot? 


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