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Day trips in Tromsø, Norway

How to spend your days in the Paris of the North

With cozy coffee shops and boutiques on every corner, Tromsø is a place that can be enjoyed by those of all ages. With that being said, it is called the gateway of the North for many reasons. An abundance of wildlife fly above the water, and swim beneath the sea making opportunities to explore endless. There are thousands of islands to explore and with only a weekend in town it is hard to choose how to spend your time in the far North. Tromsø by the sea gives you new opportunities to be at one with nature, while being able to marvel over the Tromsø skyline both by day and by night. With each season, the colors in the sky transform from hues of saturated reds, purples and pinks to the deep and dark blue of winter with dancing streaks of aurora moving in the sky.

Many people ask us when the best time to visit the far North is, and the answer simply depends on what you want to do. While winters are powerful and mysterious, the lack luster of light is for those wanting to witness a phenomenon. With the aurora dancing in the sky, the whales are singing beneath the sea.

Summer on the other hand is a time to really witness another phenomenon in the wild outdoors with endless days and endless light. The dream for explorers who feel as though there is never enough time in the light of day to see and do everything desired.

For the early birds

Arctic Fjord Sailing / 09:00

Arctic Fjord Sailing / Waking up and heading out at 09:00 in the summer, could also feel like 21:00 depending on your sleeping schedule. The morning light and stillness of the sea makes it the perfect time to be able to sail effortlessly through the Arctic fjords in ultimate comfort. As you make your way down to the dock, the golden eagle will glisten in the harbor comfortably located in the middle of town near all major hotels and Airbnbs. Upon arrival, fresh coffee and a variety of premium teas will be waiting for you along with your personal skipper for the morning. After a quick safety briefing we will set sail into the epic fjords that surround Tromsø.

After cruising through the fjords and hearing about the history from the surrounding area, the skipper will stop at one of the many secret fishing spots found since living here. With an abundance of cod, and the rare halibut fishing is a very exciting hobby in the far North.

After fishing, the skipper will show the crew how to fillet the very fish you caught, before preparing it into the most delicious fish soup I have ever had. With the sun glistening in from the windows, the ocean calm, its the perfect way to spend the late morning.

After eating lunch there is just enough time to go back outside and marvel at Tromsø’s stunning skyline from afar. With eagles soaring above and wildlife exploring below, witnessing Tromsø by sea, especially in the morning is a sure phenomenon.

Read more about this tour here


For the sunset sailors

Dinner at sea

Evening Fjord Sail / After having the chance to sail through the fjords in the early morning, we set off on an evening adventure. With a more relaxed vibe, we grabbed a cup of tea on board and lounged on the reindeer fells as the yacht sailed out to sea. The landscape simply does not get old, though with the change in sun positioning the mountains glisten in a whole new way. After finishing a cup of tea we came inside for the first course, a selection of fine cheeses, meats and assorted nuts before dinner. It was great getting to know a few other explorers in the yacht and there was more than enough room for everyone. After relaxing for a bit we went outside for some sightseeing and bird watching as dinner was prepared. A delicious reindeer stew, the pukka way. My favorite thing was sitting on a moving yacht through the fjords with a group of people from around the world was if we were in someones living room.

Aromas of a homemade stew, toasted bread and laughter filled the saloon as our stomachs were filled with a meal prepared and made with care, the Pukka way.

After eating, coffee and tea was served on the reindeer fells out on the nets as the boat made its way back into the harbor. I had some questions about sailing, so our skipper showed us a few ropes up on deck. Read more about this tour here

For the night owls

Sailing under the midnight sun

Midnight Sun Sailing / It’s now late night and the sun is still shining. Summer in Tromsø means unlimited sunlight and there is no better place to witness the midnight sun other than the sea. No obstructed views, just the sea. The midnight sun lasts from May-July and is certainly something to not miss out on.

Like the other tours, the experience starts with fresh coffee and teas. After the safety briefing we will all head out on deck for a sailing session in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. With endless hours to explore, there is no problem when the sun ‘sets’ around midnight, or does not go under the horizon. Snacks and small bites waited for us inside as we wandered to take a break from the wind outside.

It was so nice being able to see something most of the world doest not get to experience, not to mention the boat is spacious and comfortable for all ages.

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