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An adventure to the far North with The Travel Creatives. From snowshoe hiking to northern light chasing, they truly witnessed the best of Norway.

Meet The Travel Creatives – A collective of storytellers who are exploring the world in attempt to capture fleeting moments that make the world a beautiful place. They are a group making visual stories who ventured from all corners of the globe to explore the area around Tromsø, Norway. 



Meet The Travel Creatives x Tromsø Team

Alex Broadstock

Alex Broadstock

Lead Creative

Both Alex’s artful vision, and penchant for creative collaboration, shape every Travel Creatives’ content drop. As a versatile, packed-and-ready adventurer, his insatiable drive to create new material fuels regular expeditions to all corners of the world, in search of unique capture opportunities.


Rob Berry

Rob Berry


Rob distills brand vision into the Travel Creatives’ full stack creative process, from ideation all the way up to publishing. Beginning his career as a street photographer in NYC, he keeps a well-tuned finger on the pulse of creative culture while orchestrating media teams on a global stage.


Sam Dundas

Sam Dundas


Sam thrives in environments where he can infuse his colleagues with his passion, focus, and drive; unfettered by bureaucracy. Sam learned enough about the corporate world to know his talents were best suited at a ground level where he could make a difference. Sam’s path met Rob & Alex’s in Croatia while pursuing his passion for travel and the outdoors.


Kris Roller

Kris Roller

Content Creator

Continuously striving to improve and stand out, Kris prides myself on being different and create content that moves his audience. He tries to inspire others to live a life pursuing their dreams.


The Experiences

When planning a trip for a group of creatives, we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to help them get the shots they were looking for, but more importantly connect with nature along with the people who are with them. This was The Travel Creatives maiden journey and we wanted to make sure to have them experience something they’d remember forever.

Northern Lights Sailing

One of the Travel Creatives biggest dreams when venturing to the far North was to see the Northern Lights. When they first arrived, so did a storm (this is why we always a recommend a few days to see the lights in case the weather is not on your side. This is a comfortable way to witness the lights, with a fresh home cooked meal, hot coffee/tea, snacks, safety suits to keep you insulated and dry. We steer clear of light pollution so when the weather is clear, the sky really does dance in a magical manner.


Arctic Sail Safari

During the days there are many ways to experience the Arctic, and one of Pukka Travels signature trips is our Arctic Sail Safari where we sail through the fjords, cross paths with wildlife along the way, stop at one of our favorite fishing spots to catch lunch and make a home cooked meal. It is the home away from home feeling we wanted to give the Travel Creatives when visiting the far North.

Northern Lights x Tesla Experience


If you just watched the video, then you must have gotten goosebumps when seeing The Travel Creatives witness the Northern Lights for the first time. It’s an indescribable feeling when seeing the aurora light up the midnight sky, and we were thrilled to hear the team got to see what keeps us going through the darker days. The Tesla Experience was perfect for the team because they had the flexibility to stay in certain places for longer periods of time, and told us their wants and needs before the trip.

Pukka Travels Snowshoe Hiking 

The Travel Creatives are absolute adventurers as you saw when Sam was swimming down the mountain on his snowshoes. We love the mentality of having fun on the mountain and that is what Snowshoe hiking is for. Though the boys took the snowshoes out to Senja, there are just as epic places we can take you in Tromsø, Norway. We cater to different levels of physical abilities and will adjust the hike based on your preferences.

Fjord Sightseeing 

In order to get the Travel Creatives acquainted with the city, we took them around Tromsø, along with getting them out in the fjords where they can see the true beauty and magic of nature in daylight (or twilight since the sun did not rise when they were in Tromsø). We have designed a fjord sightseeing experience based on this tour, and our team at the basecamp can direct to you to the top of the cable car if you are interested in seeing Tromsø from above.

Design Your Own Arctic Adventure

The Travel Creatives were on a mission. They wanted to explore all parts of the Arctic, even experiences they did not know existed. If you are interested in something specific in the far North, we can do everything in our power to make it happen. Just contact our team to make your dreams come true.

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