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Digital Detox Retreat with Fitsmind

Strengthen you mind and performance skills with mental and physical training

Digital Detox Retreat: Increase your personal & team performance in order to work more efficiently

In order to perform at your best, it is important to invest in yourself and/or your team with guidance from an olympic athlete, someone who knows how important it is to have your mind and body in tune with one another.

fishing in tromsø

A four day digital detox retreat & Arctic sailing adventure on-board a luxurious catamaran, along with 5 other friends and Olympic medalist, Sara Isakovic

Train your mind, body & soul. 

6 humans, 1 olympic medalist & 72 hours to help train into your best self all while sailing on a luxurious catamaran in the Arctic. A place nearly untouched by humans, the fresh air, thriving nature and wildlife is the perfect place to reconnect with your short term and long term goals while training to be your best self.

To begin, your days will be spent hiking, meditating, fishing, wildlife watching and enjoying the very best of Norway while training your subconscious mind. If we manage to control our thoughts and unleash the power of the subconscious, we can overcome our doubts while improving and succeeding in our personal and professional lives. See more details below.

What is included in this experience: 

  • A guided sailing tour onboard one of our catamarans
  • All inclusive, healthy meal plans for 3 nights, 4 days
  • Mental & Physical coaching from Olympic medalist, Sara Isakovic
  • Skipper to guide the week
  • Off-shore and on-shore activities

The Itinerary

Take the next step to a better you

How will we spend our days and nights sailing? 


Morning talks + practices: (1 – 1.5h)

  • Intro to mental training – understanding awareness as the core component of mental resilience/mind fitness + who does it and why is it relevant to your work and life
  • Becoming familiar with relevant brain science behind awareness training
  • Intro to basic awareness/mindfulness practices: 15-20min mindful eating + breathing meditation (learning to bring about focus and attention to the present moment)
  • Discussing ‘mindfulness task’ for the day – being mindful and present throughout the day, and noticing the difference in the experience when being aware (making it relevant to the adventure that is to follow)

Mid-Day MAP Training session: (1h)

  • Visualization exercise (Starting with 5 min intro to visualising- why, how, when, what); activating all your senses to construct a mental image in your mind of you being stronger than you perhaps might feel
  • Physical workout – a mixture of resistance, cardio and HIIT training
  • Post-workout awareness meditation (different focus each day); connecting mind with the body and nature, in bringing about conscious awareness

Evening talks + practices: (45min – can be longer)

  • Short discussion on the experience of ‘awareness’ and staying present throughout the day – any differences? 
  • Longer breath meditation to finish the day – calming/relaxing purpose
  • Concluding the day, setting everyone up for the next day

Meet your host for the week: Sara Isakovic

As an Olympic medallist, Sara knows the importance of the right mindset and the role it plays in our everyday lives. Since retiring from swimming, and completing a Masters in Performance Psychology, Sara has dedicated her life to sharing the mental tools and tricks she has learnt to help people overcome life’s challenges. As one of the hosts, Sara will provide a very unique and intimate experience for you and leave you with a whole new perspective on life


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The Catamaran

The Golden Eagle is a unique Lagoon 440 Catamaran with luxurious accommodation, rebuilt and equipped for the Arctic environment. Onboard we have the opportunity to sleep groups up to 6 people. We have emphasized modern features for explorers who may be in search of that little extra touch of comfort in our large VIP cabin while cruising the Norwegian Fjords around Tromsø and Lyngen.


Overall Length: 44 feet

Passenger Capacity:  6

Cruising Speed: 7-9 Knots

Double Cabins: 2

Large VIP Suite: 1

Bathrooms with shower: 3

The Food

Sample Menu for the Trip



Fresh fruit & hot oatmeal topped with brown sugar/cinnamon/trail mix

Toast with selection of smoked salmon, sliced meats, cheeses and vegetables

Fresh Coffee, Tea & Juice 



Fresh fish soup made with your own catch of cod, served with toasted bread & spreads. 

Halloumi salad with quinoa, grilled vegetables & feta 



Traditional Norwegian vegetable stew, with wild rice and broccoli. 

Grilled chicken / stuffed peppers with couscous and roasted vegetables

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