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Pukka Diaries: Arctic Fishing in Norway

A story of how we are redefining the fishing experience

When one thinks of an arctic fishing trip, they probably think of rusted fishing vessels, large groups of people, rough seas and not the most appetizing lunch options while out at sea.

Fair enough as many fishing experiences are not catered for comfort, but rather the practicality of catching masses of fish. When traveling to Tromsø, Norway there are a lot of things to do. Many forget to consider Arctic fishing through the epic fjords as an option for an incredible afternoon.

Fishing in the Arctic sounds cold, but not when the entire fishing experience has been redefined.

The Fishing Experience

The 3 hour journey from start to finish

As we approached the dock, we could see The Golden Eagle (the yacht for the afternoon) glistening in the sunlight. She stands tall and was built for the arctic temperatures. As we stepped on board, we were not only greeted with fresh coffee and a variety of premium teas, but a blanket of warm air caressing our chilled hands and ears.  

We replaced our wet boots with warm, fuzzy slippers and inserted heating tubes into the soles of our boots to dry out before putting them back on. What an incredible touch. The skipper for the day, Anton, sat us down for a quick safety briefing before setting sail. The saloon is beyond cozy with wool blankets, quilted pillows and candles glistening against the windows. After hearing about what type of fish we would catch (skrei, cod, and potentially halibut or wolffish) we got to know the others on board.

As we left the harbor the entire boat was blown away by the skyline of tromsø, with the sun high in the sky it was amazing to see the city from the sea. We hopped into our safety suits which act as a floatation device in case of an emergency, along with a water & windproof alternative to keep warm no matter what the weather conditions are.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at the first secret arctic fishing spot. Anton showed us how to use the gear and within a couple of minutes we were dropping lines betting who could catch lunch for the day. After just a couple of minutes one of the guests felt the first bite. As he reeled the fish in with all of her might, we burst out laughing because it was a small little guy. We decided to throw him back into the sea until next year. In the meantime, we all started catching fish one after the other. Varying in size, we had skrei (cod).

Laughter and smiles filled the boat as we cruised to the next fishing spot. Sitting out on the reindeer skins on the nets of the catamaran in a warm floatation suit is seriously a must see or do. It doesn’t even feel like I am ‘fishing’. The fjords are greeting us from the shore line and the golden eagle simply flies through the sea.  A couple of people decided to warm their hands up in the cozy saloon over a fresh cup of tea, but we decided to keep going. We were determined to catch the biggest fish.

Within a couple of minutes we must have been above a school of fish because they were biting again and one after another, the cod were plentiful. After about another 30 minutes, we took what we needed for lunch and walked into the boat to warm up and Anton prepared the fish out side. Interested, I asked many questions where he was beyond knowledgeable about how to kill and prepare a fish for lunch. He took the fish into the saloon where he then showed us how to fillet it to perfection. In the meantime the boat aroma smelled like a mom’s kitchen. Warm, cozy, sautéed garlic and onions to make the base of the soup.

30 minutes later, we are sailing back into shore and voila lunch is served with fish caught within the same hour. The soup was absolutely outstanding and could not be more impressed with the fishing tour as a whole. It was very nice to be able to wander around the yacht as we wished as long as we had a life jacket or safety suit. I personally spent the last 20 minutes of the tour looking at photos and dreaming while gazing out the window.

Pukka Travels’ Norwegian Fishing Tour is catered for those who are looking for a day out on a luxurious catamaran without sacrificing the standard of fishing on a day trip out at sea. Small, personalized tour groups (maximum 12 guests) with 1 personal skipper who will show you the ropes (pun intended), on how to sail, fish, fillet & if you are lucky gain insight into their family fish soup recipe.

Interested  in fishing in Tromsø this summer? Let us help you! 

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