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72 Hours: Arctic Bird Watching in Tromsø, Norway

A weekend sailing trip to an uninhabited nature reserve in the middle of the Arctic

During this 72 hour arctic bird watching adventure from Tromsø, Norway, we will sail out to a desolate nature reserve to spy on thousands of puffins, seals and other wild creatures. Fresh food from the sea & morning hikes will give you the ability to explore uninhabited parts of the world that only a handful of people get to witness in their lifetime.  

fishing in tromsø

Puffins, Puffins, Puffins. 

Bird Watching has been rebranded, and this phenomenon is much more than gazing at beautiful creatures through the eyes of a binocular lens. Leaving from Tromsø, this 72 hour luxurious sailing adventure will give you the opportunity to witness wildlife and landscapes the you did not even know existed.

Next, This journey will take us to the Sørfugløya nature reserve where we will drop anchor at a variety of spots to witness creatures of the wild inhabit and breed in the Arctic lands.

Finally, we will stop at a desolate beach to BBQ, fishing, and a hike for all athletic levels. We are not here to push you to the summit, though if that is your goal we can help you get there.

The details: There will be 6 guests, and 1 professional skipper to accompany you on this 72 hour adventure, which gives us the opportunity to get into the nooks and crannies of this magical place that larger groups are simply unable to explore.

Read more about our complimentary off-shore activities and the different types of bird species you will see below.

The Catamaran

The Golden Eagle is a unique Lagoon 440 Catamaran with luxurious accommodation, rebuilt and equipped for the Arctic environment. Onboard we have the opportunity to host larger groups up to 12 people. We have emphasized modern features for explorers who may be in search of that little extra touch of comfort in our large VIP cabin while cruising the Norwegian Fjords around Tromsø and Lyngen.


Overall Length: 44 feet

Passenger Capacity:  12

Cruising Speed: 7-9 Knots

Double Cabins: 2

Large VIP Suite: 1

Bathrooms with shower: 3

Complimentary Off-shore Excursions

What to do while on shore

Desolate Beach BBQ

Take the dinghy onto an empty, desolate beach to BBQ a delicious home cooked dinner on shore. A wonderful place to stretch your sea legs and absorb the views before heading to the next destination.

Arctic Island Trek 

Wake up in a secluded, calm bay and take the dinghy onto shore after breakfast. Your skipper will take you on a scenic, guided hike suitable for most athletic abilities. If you are interested in lounging on board, you are more than welcome to do so.

Gåsvæar Beach

Gåsvæar is a small island located in Kvaløysletta, whose quaint and cozy church inhabits the island and nothing else. Built in 1941, it has stunning white sand beaches, crystal clear water and an incredible panoramic view of the fjords in the area.

Bird Species in the Area

What you should expect to see while on board

Puffin (Lunde) – arrives late March/early April, egg laying begins around June and incubation lasts for 1-1.5 months. Parents travel up to 100km offshore to find food (mostly herring in Norway) for the young.

Razorbill (Alke) – seabird that comes onto land to breed, nests along coastal cliffs in enclosed or slightly exposed crevices. Breeds May to mid July

Guillemot (Lomvi)– nest on steep rock cliffs on narrow ledges. Arrives in April/May and female lays one egg in late May/early June, which the parents then sit on for one month. Colonial breeding- tens of thousands of birds.

Other coastal breeding species to search for along the way:

European Shag (Toppskarv)- breeds along coast late April-mid July

White billed diver (Gulnebblom)- migrates along the coast in mid May, breeds on low lying coastline early June. Common in Balsfjorden, South of Tromso.

Eider (Ærfugl)- common breeder along coastline

Arctic skua (Tyvjo)- breeds along the outer coast May- September

Black-legged kittiwake (Krykkje)- breeds in colonies on steep cliffs, June

Migrating coastal species in May/June:

Migration best to see in May, especially between 10th and 20th May

Red throated diver (Smålom) migrates North/East for breeding in Finland past headlands (along coast/couple of miles offshore) in early May. Flocks of hundreds of birds.

Long tailed duck (Havelle) common along the coast outside breeding season (during Winter). Declining population. Potential to see migration, also could see solitary breeding pairs on small islands.

Jack snipe (Kvartbekkasin)- migrates in hundreds past headlands mainly in May

Pomarine skua (Polarjo)- migrates past the coast in vast numbers mainly in May- June

Red Knot (Polarsnipe)- common migrant at typical shorebird sites and rocky habitats

More species: Arctic skua, long-tailed skua, Red–throated diver, Black–throated Diver, Kittiwake, Fulmars, Black Scoter, Purple sandpipers and Gannet.

Resident coastal species:

White tailed eagle (Havørn)

Golden eagle (Kongeørn)

Snapshots from this tour

The Food

Sample Menu for the Trip



Fresh fruit & hot oatmeal topped with brown sugar/cinnamon/trail mix

Toast with selection of smoked salmon, sliced meats, cheeses and vegetables

Fresh Coffee, Tea & Juice 



Fresh fish soup made with your own catch of cod, served with toasted bread & spreads. 

Norwegian bacalao (salted fish stew with olives, tomatoes and peppers). 



Traditional Norwegian reindeer stew / vegetable stew, with wild rice and broccoli. 

Grilled chicken / stuffed peppers with couscous and roasted vegetables

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