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When is the best time to go to Tromsø?

Pukka Experiences by Season

Best time to go to Tromsø: Pukka Summer Experiences 

Best time to go to Tromsø: Winter

Winter In The Arctic is magical. As the sun begins to set, the whales sing underneath a starry lit sky that dances with hues of green and saturated purples.

Whales & Orcas  

Pods of orcas and humpback whales migrate to the Tromsø area each year to feed on herring. Our Arctic Day Experience has a 99% success rate of seeing these magnificent creatures of the sea.

 When to go: November – Early February

Northern Lights

The northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis are best seen during the polar night. Tromsø has been noted as one of the best destinations in the world to see this phenomenon.

When To Go: November – February

The Polar Night 

There are not very many places in the world where the sun does not rise for a couple of months per year. Tromsø is one of these magical places where this happens, and it truly is a magical experience.

When to go: November – End of January

Best time to go to Tromsø: Spring

Spring In The Arctic is made for adventure. As the days become longer, the abilities to venture are endless.

Ski Touring  

The spring is the best time to ski this far North, as the days become longer, we are able to sail further North to Lyngen where there a countless number of couloirs to climb and an infinite amount of peeks to summit.

When to go: March – May 

Fjord Voyage  

There is no better place to see the epic fjords of Tromsø than by sea. With the sun setting later, and later we are able to stay out at sea for a much longer period of time.

When to go: March – May  

Fishing Adventures 

The fish are still biting in the spring, which leaves travelers the perfect opportunity to catch, prepare & taste their own catch all year round.

When to go: March – May 

Best time to go to Tromsø: Summer

Summer In the Arctic is made for those seeking to explore as much as possible. The sun does not set during this period, which means time (and light) are on our side.

Midnight Sun   

For one month the sun does not set at 69 degrees north. This leaves plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventures. Come and run the Midnight marathon, or sail through the bright light of the night. Summer solstice is June 21, 2017.

When to go: May – July


It’s always the season to ski somewhere in the world, and when the snow starts to melt in Lyngen, our crew will head North to Svalbard in search of wild animals & summits with an absolute view.

When to go: May to July 

Weekend Retreat 

The Arctic summer is the perfect destination to escape the office for a weekend of detox. From farm to table food, hiking, sailing (and no wifi), this is the ultimate place to escape.

When to go: May – August 

Best time to go to Tromsø: Autumn

Autumn in the Arctic is the time to slow down & relax. As days become shorter, it is a wonderful time to take the time for yourself and reflect on the year as winter approaches.

Digital Detox   

Fall is ideal to wind down, relax and focus on yourself to prepare for the approaching winter. The days are still bright, which leaves plenty of time to explore.

When to go: August – October  

Fishing Adventures 

The fish are still biting in the autumn, which leaves travelers the perfect opportunity to catch, prepare & taste their own catch all year round.

When to go: August – November 

Urban Birding  

Bird watching has been rebranded, and autumn is the perfect time to sail to the islands where we can see these wild creatures in their natural habitat.

When to go: July – October 

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