Summer Svalbard Excursions from Longyearbyen

Experiences for modern explorers in the far North

Summer in Svalbard is a mystical and golden destination filled with desolate landscapes and powerful energy. With infinite sunlight, summer is the perfect time to explore the power of the North.

Coles Bay Day Excursion  

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 A desolate railway transport in the far North.

Colesbukta is a bay at the southern side of Isfjorden, in Nordenskiöld Land at Spitsbergen, Svalbard. The bay is about 4.5 kilometer wide. A railway for coal transport was earlier operated between Grumantbyen and shipment facilities in Colesbukta (wikipedia).

On this tour, we will meet in the harbor of Longyearbyen at 09:00 where Duen III, your magical boat will be waiting for you with heating and warm coffee & tea on board. At 09:15, we will set sail towards Coles Bay which will take around 2 hours depending on the weather.

Upon arriving (around 11:30), the crew will safely take you into shore on the RIB boat where you will then be able to explore this desolate coal mining town where the crew will set up a small picnic to enjoy the view while on shore*. You will have until 14:30 to explore this desolate town.

After heading back on board, the Duen III will sail back to Longyearbyen where you will arrive back at the harbor at 16:30.

*weather dependent, otherwise snacks will be on board.



Sveabreen Day Sail

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Up close and personal with icebergs. 

On this incredible Svalbard excursion, you will be able to learn how to man the deck while your captain teaches you the ropes on how to sail the beautiful Duen III. Sveabreen is a 3.5 hour sail from Longyearbyen, and once arriving you will anchor in the bay where you will be able to take the dinghy in small groups around the floating icebergs. While out exploring, lunch will be prepared on board and sail back to Longyearbyen around 15:00. If the weather permits, the crew will fire up the jacuzzi where you can marvel over the 100 meter glacier while in a warm hot tub.

09.00 Duen III is open for guests

09.15 departure from LYR

We will arrive back to shore at 19:00

30 Hour: Pyramiden Sail to Explore Weekend Trip

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Sail. Dinner. Hot Tub. Glacier. Explore.

Pyramiden is a Russian settlement and coal mining community on Located on the archipelago of Svalbard, Pyramiden is a Russian settlement and coal mining community that has been closed since 1988. The closest settlements to this abandoned city is Longyearbyen (50 kilometers south), and Ny-ålesynd (100 kilometers to the west).

On this 30 hour tour, you will have the opportunity to explore this desolate place while enjoying the view from a comfortable and warm sailing ship, Duen III.

The Schedule:

Friday, 14:00: Duen III opens up for the arrival of guests exploring for the weekend. After everyone is comfortable and unpacked in their cabin, we will have a quick safety briefing and set sail to Pyramiden where you will be able to learn the sailing basics up on deck.

We will arrive around 19:00 where dinner will be served as the anchor is dropped for the evening. If the weather is on our side, we will fire up the hot tub and sail alongside Nordenskjoldbreen, one of Svalbard’s most impressive glaciers.

Saturday, 08:00: Breakfast will be served onboard where we encourage guests to make their own snack packs for the day since we will be on shore for quite sometime. We will enter the abandoned city at 09:00 after a Polar Bear safety briefing (it is mandatory that guests stick close to the crew and guides while on shore).

Once we meet our official guide in the area, we will be able to tailor and personalize the day depending on the groups specific desires. We have the chance to have a detailed tour around the settlement, or go on a hike to a nearby mountain.

Duen III will depart at 15:00 where we will arrive back in Longyearbyen at 20:00.

VIP / Private Tours  

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A private journey tailored for you.

We know that many of you want to experience a Svalbard excursion your way, which is why we will tailor make an itinerary that suits all of your travel needs. From a day trip to a 10 day expedition, we are here to make sure you experience the far north in ultimate comfort. If you have an idea, just let us know and we will do everything we can to make it happen.



Svalbard 10 Day Expedition 

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Experience the top of the world.

The mystery of Svalbard has recently become of interest to the world’s top adventurers and arctic enthusiasts of our planet.  With climate, population and exploration at the forefront of many conversations from top environmentalists and scientists, explorers are seeking uninhabited lands to venture off to while respecting the environment in which they are traveling in. During this 10 day adventure, we will have the opportunity to witness magical moments only few people in the world can speak about.

Why travel to Svalbard: We have crafted this route because we are modern explorers and seek to find unique spots that others may not have the ability to know about. We want to share these special places with our fellow travelers to help the world become aware of these gems of our very own planet. Svalbard is 15 degrees from the North pole, and with more wild animals populating the island than humans it is one of the only places in the Arctic that humans can explore while being so desolate.



The Yacht

Meet Duen III

Meet Duen III. A CT 65 designed by the world renowned American designer, Robert Perry. Duen III was born in 1987 and was built for the Arctic conditions of the North. She has a sturdy build with a thick hull and pilot house, along with a spacious, classic wooden interior with three different seating areas. For overnight trips she can sleep 8 guests, with 4 heated cabins (2 double berth and 4 single berth divided by 2 cabins). Each cabin has its own toilet and shower, for comfort and privacy.

  • Year Built: 1987
  • Length: 23 Meters
  • Height of Masts: 20 Meters
  • Type of Rig: Ketch Rig
  • Engine: 215 HP Perkins Engine, Bow thruster


The Sleeping Quarters: For overnight trips Duen III can accommodate 8 guests, with 4 heated cabins (2 double berth and 4 single berth divided by 2 cabins). Each cabin has its own toilet and shower, for comfort and privacy.

The Eagle’s Nest:

35,000 NOK Per Person (2pp cabin)

The Polar Bear’s Den: 

30,000 Per Person (2pp cabin)

Snapshots from these tours

Pukka Travelers: Words from those who have been here 

"Literally, the best vacation of my life" - Philip, Sweden

“The hiking and skiing is out of this world and the route was 10/10. Beautiful! The boats are great with unexpected features such as boot warmers and radiators and we were also able to cook our own fish. Literally, the best vacation in my entire life”

"They just pamper you" - Daisy, Norway

“I opted for Pukka travels last year, and now this year in June, will book my spot again and go sailing, hiking, and fjord-watching this summer”they just pamper you- providing you with comfortable living, where you unwind yourself, relive your energies”

"This trip opened my heart while reflecting the meaning of life" - Marie, Brazil

“This trip was an experience far beyond the most adventures. It opened my heart and started reflections about meaning of life”

"We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same day" - Nan, USA

“We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same dayI normally get sea sick, but their boat is very smooth on the water- no sickness sailing with them!”

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