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Whale Watching Tromsø

Sail through the magical fjords in search of wild Orcas & Humpback whales

Important Information if you want to see whales in Tromsø

In the winter of 2017/18 the whales that use to feed in the fjords outside Tromsø spread out and finally gathered to do their main yearly feeding in “Skjervøy”. This means that there alternatives to go on a guaranteed whale safari around Tromsø has changed from previous years. We do see Humpback Whales, Orcas and Porpoise (a small whale) on some of our Arctic Sail Safari Tours, but we don’t want to guarantee a whale species sighting.  

But no need to worry, we have arranged one option to see whales in Skjervøy this year!

Whales, Whales, Whales

The fjords in the Arctic are alive and we want to take you out for the best chances to see whales in small groups. It’s an exciting adventure in the fjords for a day of exploration, spotting whales and other wild life.

Whale Safari from Tromso

For the last 7 years from November to January, Humpback Whales and Orcas have come into the fjords close to Tromsø to feed on herring. From last year they changed their destination to Skjervøy, north-east of Tromsø. From November we will go out and start to search for the whales, the Orca Express Boat is operated by our trusted partner “Arctic Adventure Tours”.

These marine mammals are of course wild and in their natural habitant, so we cannot guarantee to see them, but if we are as lucky as previous years they will be back in our fjords from about November to January.

See the fjords, get a good chance to spot whales and enjoy a small group setting. Simply a fantastic Arctic day at sea!

The skippers and guides we work with have great knowledge and a lot of experience to keep you safe and comfortable while cruising. 

Just like you, we love to travel, explore and wish to seek out the best experiences in each destination we venture to. Our team and community consists of a diverse collection of international adventurers and industry professionals. We believe watching the whales in Arctic during winter time is an experience that you can not miss while in the area.

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Explore the fjords, spot whales and other wild life

The perfect tour for a fantastic day at sea

Dark season and visibility

Through the dark season in Tromsø we always have some daylight or twilight during the days so we are able to watch the whales. We will spend time on Skjervøy on the lightest part of the day. But the light will make a challenge of clear photos on the darkest period.

Weather conditions

The weather conditions will vary as we are entering the fjords and the ocean during winter time. Our skipper will evaluate the conditions before and during the tours and give feedback. This means that the skipper can make changes in the route or cancel the tour of safety reasons.

If you are looking to make the most out of your time in the Arctic, this experience is for you. Our guides are dedicated to make this a memorable time for you and your group.

"Literally, the best vacation of my life" - Philip, Sweden

“The hiking and skiing is out of this world and the route was 10/10. Beautiful! The boats are great with unexpected features such as boot warmers and radiators and we were also able to cook our own fish. Literally, the best vacation in my entire life”


"They just pamper you" - Daisy, Norway

“I opted for Pukka travels last year, and now this year in June, will book my spot again and go sailing, hiking, and fjord-watching this summer”they just pamper you- providing you with comfortable living, where you unwind yourself, relive your energies”


"This trip opened my heart while reflecting the meaning of life" - Marie, Brazil

“This trip was an experience far beyond the most adventures. It opened my heart and started reflections about meaning of life”


"We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same day" - Nan, USA

“We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same dayI normally get sea sick, but their boat is very smooth on the water- no sickness sailing with them!”


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