Snowshoe Hike & Tesla Experience

A personalized tour for small groups looking to strech their legs in the great outdoors

Golden moments in the Arctic. We love the nature, atmosphere and scenery of the Arctic, and we have made it our priority to provide the most epic, accessible and fun activities for travelers to experience.


fishing in tromsø

Snowshoe Hike x Tesla Experience Excursion in the breathtaking fjords of Kvaløya.

Just like you, we love to travel, explore and wish to seek out the best experiences in each destination we venture to. Our team and community consists of international adventurers and industry professionals who are working together to create amazing experiences for you.

You will start the day by meeting us at our Basecamp in central Tromsø. Your guide will welcome you, take you into our gear room to get ready, roll out the maps and choose which area to explore for the day. All of our tours are small (up to 5 passengers per car), where comfort is key.


Adventure, comfort, local knowledge along with zero carbon emissions makes up for a fantastic day in our Tesla Model X and a fun Hike with an even better view. 

We are one of the only operators in the world who are providing Snowshoe Hikes and sightseeing tours in a Tesla Model X. A zero emission, magically silent, powerful performance experience cruising in the next generation of cars along the Arctic fjords with breathtaking scenery.

Adventure, comfort, and knowledge combined with a zero carbon emissions is the perfect combination for a fantastic day tour cruising in a Tesla Model X in order to hike up a mountain with incredible views.

Wildlife is a common theme during our tours. We often see whales, orcas, eagles, seals, reindeers and other animals during both the drive and the hike.

"A fun, adventurous tour & eco-friendly tour with stunning views"

An environmentally conscious tour without sacrificing the view

Many other operators provide big busses

While many other operators provide big busses, or gasoline cars, we care about both your experience and the environment which is why we choose to drive Tesla cars. The Model X is not just an electric car with 600km reach, but it has a specially designed glass roof and large windows for all passengers to get the most of this unique scenery.

We will provide all of the gear

We will provide all of the gear you need including warm suits, extra gloves, hats, and boots and snowshoes. The car is equipped for safe winter driving with an effective heating system. Our drivers and guides have all of the licenses and knowledge needed to make sure you have the best tour possible.

We know how important pictures are

Need a tripod? No problem, we have one for you at no additional cost. Your guide can also take your picture with the fjords in the background as long as visibility allows for it.

What about food?

Great question! We take your comfort very seriously and know how nice it is to replenish your energy with small snacks and coffee/tea. We will prepare a cozy picnic for you that can be enjoyed under the sky on our reindeer skins together with hot fresh coffee or one of our selections of premium tea.

Traveling with a large group?

If you are traveling in a large group, we can offer your group several cars s and guides so you can enjoy this Arctic experience together.

Need anything else?

We can customise this tour to suit you and your party’s needs. For example we would be more than happy to provide the Tesla Model X to you group exclusively, with your own driver for a more personalized experience.

If you are looking to make the most out of your time in the Arctic, this tour is for you. We always adjust your itinerary to cater for your needs, care for your experience, and of course pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

Snapshots from this tour

"Literally, the best vacation of my life" - Philip, Sweden

“The hiking and skiing is out of this world and the route was 10/10. Beautiful! The boats are great with unexpected features such as boot warmers and radiators and we were also able to cook our own fish. Literally, the best vacation in my entire life”


"They just pamper you" - Daisy, Norway

“I opted for Pukka travels last year, and now this year in June, will book my spot again and go sailing, hiking, and fjord-watching this summer”they just pamper you- providing you with comfortable living, where you unwind yourself, relive your energies”


"This trip opened my heart while reflecting the meaning of life" - Marie, Brazil

“This trip was an experience far beyond the most adventures. It opened my heart and started reflections about meaning of life”


"We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same day" - Nan, USA

“We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same dayI normally get sea sick, but their boat is very smooth on the water- no sickness sailing with them!”


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