Northern Lights Tesla Experience

We made it our mission to walk the extra mile and bring this experience to you with absolute passion.

Witness the Northern Lights – everyone needs to experience this phenomenon at some point in their lifetime. We have walked the extra mile to bring this experience to you with the utmost passion.


fishing in tromsø

Tromsø is known as one of the best places in the world to watch the Northern Lights.

With so many tour operators in the area, we have found that many visitors wish to have guidance on where to see the Northern Lights when venturing to the Arctic. 

We have something in common with you. The Northern Lights is exciting to us, we love nature, and experiences like these matter most when we will look back at our travels one day. May we have the honor to guide you in this magical moment of yours?

We are the only tour operator in the world that provides Northern Lights tours in a Tesla Model X. A zero emission, magically silent, powerful performance experience cruising in the next generation of cars along the Arctic roads.

It’s warm, it’s safe, it’s luxurious, and mother nature will thank you for choosing to ride in a Tesla for your Northern Lights safari.

Our guides are professional and will help you with your camera settings as well as telling you about the history and science around the Northern Lights. 

The groups on this tour are small (only up to 5 passengers per car) to provide an exclusive feeling that we strive for. We provide gear to keep you warm — extra gloves, hats, blankets and boots. The car is equipped for safe winter driving with an effective heating system to make sure you are comfortable at all times.

It’s Warm, It’s Safe, It’s Luxurious

Mother Nature will thank you for choosing to ride in a Tesla for your Northern Lights Safari.

Many other operators provide big busses

While many other operators provide big busses, or gasoline cars, we care for your experience and the Tesla Model X is not just an electric car with up to 600km reach. It was also designed with a glass roof so you can search for the Northern Lights during the entire trip.

If we don't see the Northern Lights?

Of course we can not guarantee sightings, but we have a very good track record where we see lights on the majority of our tours. We check the weather closely before tours to find the best spots to watch the aurora. 

We know how important the photos are

We will send you a batch of professional photos that you can add to your travel collection or share with your friends online. Need a tripod? No problem, we got one for you at no extra cost. Our guides are also trained to be familiar with different types of cameras.

If you are a bigger group

We can offer several cars where you get to enjoy the lights together in some of our secret spots. We adjust the plan to suit your needs, care for your experience, pick you up and drop you off at your hotel and coordinate groups up to 200 people.

What about food?

On our tours we take your comfort very seriously and we know how nice it is to have a bite to eat along with warm drinks. Our team will prepare a cozy picnic that can be enjoyed under the sky on our reindeer skins together with fresh coffee and premium teas.

Need anything else?

We can customize our tours to suit you and your party. For example, if you want the Tesla Model X to your group exclusively, with your own driver, we can make that happen. Contact us today and we will get back to you within the day, our team is available 7 days a week.

Your guide will take complimentary photos of you with the Northern Lights or the Arctic Nature Scenery

If you are looking to make the most out of your Northern Lights experience this tour is for you. Our guides are dedicated to make this a memorable time for you and your group.

Snapshots from this tour

"Literally, the best vacation of my life" - Philip, Sweden

“The hiking and skiing is out of this world and the route was 10/10. Beautiful! The boats are great with unexpected features such as boot warmers and radiators and we were also able to cook our own fish. Literally, the best vacation in my entire life”


"They just pamper you" - Daisy, Norway

“I opted for Pukka travels last year, and now this year in June, will book my spot again and go sailing, hiking, and fjord-watching this summer”they just pamper you- providing you with comfortable living, where you unwind yourself, relive your energies”


"This trip opened my heart while reflecting the meaning of life" - Marie, Brazil

“This trip was an experience far beyond the most adventures. It opened my heart and started reflections about meaning of life”


"We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same day" - Nan, USA

“We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same dayI normally get sea sick, but their boat is very smooth on the water- no sickness sailing with them!”


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