10 Day Expedition Cruise in Svalbard

Explore the North in ultimate comfort

Pukka Travels’ Expedition Cruise in Svalbard starts where the unimaginable becomes a reality. Starting at 77 degrees North, we will explore the most raw nature this world has to offer. This 10 day trip is personalized to make your travel dreams come true.

fishing in tromsø

Experience the top of the world.

The mystery of Svalbard has recently become of interest to the world’s top adventurers and arctic enthusiasts of our planet.  With climate, population and exploration at the forefront of many conversations from top environmentalists and scientists, explorers are seeking uninhabited lands to venture off to while respecting the environment in which they are traveling in. During this 10 day adventure, we will have the opportunity to witness magical moments only few people in the world can speak about.

Why travel to Svalbard: We have crafted this route because we are modern explorers and seek to find unique spots that others may not have the ability to know about. We want to share these special places with our fellow travelers to help the world become aware of these gems of our very own planet. Svalbard is 15 degrees from the North pole, and with more wild animals populating the island than humans it is one of the only places in the Arctic that humans can explore while being so desolate. 

What is included in this tour 

  • A guided tour onboard on board Duen III
  • Certified Svalbard Guide to accompany trip during all activities
  • Professional Skipper
  • Accommodation (double rooms) with private bathroom and shower
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for 9 nights, 10 days
  • Prepare & taste your fresh catch
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Warm Safety suits
  • Ski gear rental upon request
  • Off-shore & on-board activities (see below)


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10 days 
June – July

The Yacht

Meet Duen III

Meet Duen III. A CT 65 designed by the world renowned American designer, Robert Perry. Duen III was born in 1987 and was built for the Arctic conditions of the North. She has a sturdy build with a thick hull and pilot house, along with a spacious, classic wooden interior with three different seating areas. She has five heated cabins (1 double berth cabin and 8 single berths in 4 cabins) for the guests that travel with us. Each room has its own toilet and shower.

  • Year Built: 1987
  • Length: 23 Meters
  • Height of Masts: 20 Meters
  • Type of Rig: Ketch Rig
  • Engine: 215 HP Perkins Engine, Bow Thrustor


The Sleeping Quarters:  Duen III has 6 heated cabins, each with a private bathroom and shower for your own comfort and privacy. With 3 different style of cabins, you are able to choose the room that will be most comfortable on your journey.

The Eagle’s Nest:

35,000 NOK Per Person (2pp cabin)

The Polar Bear’s Den: 

30,000 Per Person (2pp cabin)

The Itinerary

Our svalbard sailing route is carefully designed to match all your dreams of an adventure in the (far) North. Due to the occasionally demanding conditions in Svalbard an exact route is impossible to determine. Icebergs and wind are some of the elements that we need to consider for a smooth sailing trip in Svalbard. However, this is how we invision our trip with you in the North:

Day 1

Svenskhuset (meaning ‘Swedish House’) is the oldest an house on Spitsbergen. This isolated cultural heritage site marks the location of a tragic and somewhat mysterious historical event, where seventeen Norwegian seal hunters died after seeking refuge in the fall of 1872. 

Day 2

Sveabreen (glacier): This spectacular glacier is one of the largest in the region, spanning 30km and reaching an altitude of 750 meters. The Sveabreen area is rich wildlife and a great spot to watch birds, or just stop and listen to the sounds of the glacier.


Day 3

Alkepynten Sailing around the Alkepynten headland and stopping by in the sheltered waters of Trygghamna (meaning ‘safe harbour’) provides an excellent chance to spot nesting birds. The area also has an interesting history, being one of the earliest known harbours used for whaling in the 17th century.

Day 4

Poolpynten, Prins Karls ForlandA large mountainous island- Prins Karls Forland (named Prince Charles’ Foreland by English whalers) is home to the Forlandet National Park- large colonies of walrus’ can often be seen on its shores.

Day 5

Magdalenefjorden is full of stunning scenery and nature, the large fjord has an array of tundra, glacial ridges and dark sand beaches. The area was used as a base for whale hunting in the 17th century but is now a stopover for cruise ships and home to an abundance of wildlife.

Day 6

Ny Ålesund: Known as ‘the last town before the pole’, the close proximity of Ny Ålesund to the North Pole has made it the starting point of many expeditions, and today has a small population of scientists and research stations used by agencies from ten countries. The town offers the most northern post office in the world!

Day 7

YmerbuktaThis breathtaking bay is one of our favourites, we come close to the glacier and in good weather conditions it provides the opportunity for amazing footage. Normally we also enjoy the company of some svalbard reindeer walking down the beach.

Day 8

Pyramiden: A coal mining community closed in 1998 and now mostly abandoned, the ‘ghost town’ of Pyramiden is a perfect insight into the past. The town includes the world’s northernmost  monument to Vladimir Lenin- a great photo opportunity.

Day 9

Sassenfjorden: Sailing close to the land in Sassenfjorden, you may be able to sight the trapper hut (Fredheim) built by the famous Norwegian trapper Hilmar Nøis in 1924. This is also a great area to watch Arctic foxes.

We may also get the chance to visit Virgohamna, Sallyhamna, Signehavna and more..

Complimentary On-Shore & On-Board Activities 

Desolate Beach BBQ: After sailing to a desolate beach at 77 degrees North, we will prepare our meals and fire up the grill  (read: natural beach fire) on shore for a beach BBQ with you guessed it, mother nature. With panoramic views, fresh protein, vegetables and grains this is the ultimate spot to feel at one with the world in which we live. After dinner, we will take the dinghy back to the yacht and sail onto our next destination

Trek through Abandoned Settlements in Soviet Mining Town. This abandoned town was left for nature nearly 16 years ago. This mining town has occasional appearances from polar bears and foxes, with classrooms & playgrounds still in tact. 

The Arctic 5: Unlike Africa, this Arctic wildlife Safari has its own ‘big 5’ that we will consciously look for during our sailing adventure. Though no guarentee, we will search for Svalbard reindeers, Walrus’ and Seals. The bonus animals include Humpback whales, Orcas and of course, the Polar Bear.

Polar bears, as you may already know are some of the most dangerous and beautiful creatures inhabited on planet Earth. It is required by the government to carry guns (that we will provide) while walking on land due to the nature and habits of the polar bear. There are many laws and best practices to avoid getting in direct contact with these wild animals, but at the end of the day they are wild therefore we have to take safety precautions when on land.

Glacial Sail: Traveling in smaller groups certainly has many benefits, one of them being we can get up close and personal to some of the most beautiful glaciers in the North. During these sailing days, you will wake up to the yacht navigating through waters with icebergs alongside the boat.

A visit to the most northerly inhabited village in the world that is inhabited by only 35 people in the winter, and up to 120 people in the summer. The city is operated by Kings Bay, who provides permanent research institutes from 10 countries in the world. 

We want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible while sailing this far North. With warm cabins, fresh tea, coffee, and snacks at all time we also want to educate guests about sailing culture while on board.

This sailing trip is as hands on or off as you wish. For those seeking to learn something new, or brush the rust off previous education, our crew will take the time to teach you basic sailing theory, rig training and procedures for entering the crows nest, practical sailing tips, how to steer the boat & tie knots. If you are looking for a morning workout, you can even walk the anchor up as morning exercise while breakfast is being cooked.

For those who are looking for a more relaxed adventure, we will have a plethora of reading books about places we will visit during this expedition, board games, movie nights & of course, we will fire up the hot tub for those looking to wind down after a long day of exploration.

The Food

Sample Menu for the Trip

Grocery stores are a luxury this far North, but that is nothing to worry about. Our hostess will prepare, delicious, fresh and health conscious meals 3 times a day (with some sweet & savory snacks at any time of the day). We accommodate any and all dietary restrictions, just let us know when booking your trip!



Fresh fruit & hot oatmeal topped with brown sugar/cinnamon/trail mix

Toast with selection of smoked salmon, sliced meats, cheeses and vegetables

Fresh Coffee, Tea & Juice 



Fresh fish soup made with your own catch of cod, served with toasted bread & spreads. 

Norwegian bacalao (salted fish stew with olives, tomatoes and peppers). 



Traditional Norwegian reindeer stew / vegetable stew, with wild rice and broccoli. 

Grilled chicken / stuffed peppers with couscous and roasted vegetables

Snapshots from this tour

Pukka Travelers: Words from those who have been here 

"Literally, the best vacation of my life" - Philip, Sweden

“The hiking and skiing is out of this world and the route was 10/10. Beautiful! The boats are great with unexpected features such as boot warmers and radiators and we were also able to cook our own fish. Literally, the best vacation in my entire life”

"They just pamper you" - Daisy, Norway

“I opted for Pukka travels last year, and now this year in June, will book my spot again and go sailing, hiking, and fjord-watching this summer”they just pamper you- providing you with comfortable living, where you unwind yourself, relive your energies”

"This trip opened my heart while reflecting the meaning of life" - Marie, Brazil

“This trip was an experience far beyond the most adventures. It opened my heart and started reflections about meaning of life”

"We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same day" - Nan, USA

“We loved Pukka so much, we went back on their boat the same dayI normally get sea sick, but their boat is very smooth on the water- no sickness sailing with them!”

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